Download the BBQ

The BBQ is free to use for researchers and clinicians in non-commercial purposes. But please include a reference to the validation study in any resulting publication.

As of right now, the BBQ has been psychometrically evaluated in the following languages (click to download PDF):

Translations into the following languages have been done by professional translators (click to download PDF):

Scoring procedure

Simply multiply the Satisfaction and Importance rating for each life area  and sum the six products for a total quality of life score ((items 1 * 2) + (items 3 * 4) and so forth).


Are you interested in contributing with novel translations, or doing psychometric research using one of these translations? We will be happy to help out. We are especially interested in examining the validity of using the BBQ outside psychological and psychiatric research, and outside the Western world. Email BBQ creator and curator Philip Lindner to get in touch!